Wesley College

Team training and strength conditioning installation

Art of Fitness designed and installed a team training and strength and conditioning gymnasium at Wesley College Dublin’s new sports building.

We understood the desire to have a world class fitness facility installed at the College. This enhances the fitness programmes and ensures they are sports specific. In addition, the new gymnasium allows athletes to train and learn new skill sets. The gymnasium is also used for circuit training and classes – which have been a huge success at Wesley College.

The strength and conditioning space we created has a full functional training rig, six squat stations, a range of rubber dumbbells, athletic sprint track, and functional training accessories that include kettle bells and a full cable system.
colourful gym weights at wesley college
wesley college dublins crest

About Wesley College

Sport is an integral part of life in Wesley College, with each student having the opportunity to participate in numerous different sports and activities throughout the academic year. An important aspect of the college's ethos is recognising the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the value of participating enthusiastically in physical and sporting activities.

“What we want to be in the future.” Wesley College provides a stimulating and challenging sports programme that is enjoyable, encourages participation and nurtures excellence.
various gym weights at wesley college's gym


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