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For many people just getting to the gym can be a bit of a daily struggle because gym time is time taken out of their day for themselves. That’s why it is important that when gym members step into your facility they are inspired, energised and stimulated and nothing does this better than interesting fitness flooring, here is why.

Unlike the ordinary rubber mat that covers most of the gym space, we design fitness flooring to keep your gym members from injury and support them in their cardio workouts.

The Art of Fitness team has put together the top 4 fitness flooring installations we believe every gym would benefit from having.


1. Sprung Flooring

sprung gym floor - Fitness Flooring - How to Inspire Movement in Your Gym?

Sprung flooring has been the preferred flooring for dance and indoor sports arena’s for decades. These floors absorb shock and provide stability. This means that when your gym members are hip-hopping or kickboxing, the flooring helps to protect their joints from the impact of the high energy workouts they are taking part in.

Another key feature sprung flooring provides is stability.

Stability is important in class areas of your gym, where there are many people moving around at the same time, there are quick changes of direction, and gym members are required to jump or hop.

Sprung floors are firm enough to enable your gym members to move safely without the floor creating instability in their joints. This is incredibly important and can be a factor in protecting your gym members from injury during classes.

From an aesthetic perspective, sprung flooring has a wonderful feel underfoot, particularly for any high impact or dance based classes and provides your gym with a classic, professional look and feel that could set your gym above your competition.


2. Running Tracks

running track - Fitness Flooring - How to Inspire Movement in Your Gym?

As we all know running provides a great deal of benefit to gym members from a fitness perspective which is why treadmills are such an enormous part of the gym. Running also helps to reduce stress and recent research from Sweden shows how running can defuse at least one biological stress pathway in the brain.

Not only are indoor running tracks some of the most appealing gym facilities bound to entice extra gym members, they also provide a fantastic opportunity for you to differentiate your gym from your competition.

At the Art of Fitness we often discuss indoor running tracks with clients because they are such a simple way to add an amazing feature to the gym by changing the flooring from the normal interlocking rubber mat, to a fitness flooring solution.

Running track flooring has come a long way since it was first introduced and is now available in a variety of colours and prints which can make a delightful addition to any gym.

The benefits of installing running track flooring includes:

It is very important that running track flooring is professionally installed to ensure that there are no lifted edges that could trip a gym member.


3. Tone and Stretch

stretching flooring - Fitness Flooring - How to Inspire Movement in Your Gym?

Setting aside a specific area of your gym for yoga, toning and stretching, with flooring that provides stability and comfort, caters for many your gym members who come to the gym as an escape.

Tone and stretch flooring areas are slightly padded so they are unsuitable for high impact movement because they don’t provide the stability that prevents falling. They are, however, perfect for low impact fitness because they provide a comfortable feel on the body that encourages holding stretch or yoga positions without bruising.

The Art of Fitness team have seen that facilities that cater for a wide variety of gym activities are more likely to weather the seasonal ups and downs of gym attendance.


4. Specialist Equipment

Certain specialist equipment may require a specific type of flooring unique to your facility. The Art of Fitness team specialises in providing fitness flooring solutions that deliver the right amount of stability, cushioning, traction and functionality to suit your needs.

Whether you run a commercial gym, a private gym, or are looking to develop a home gym, inspiring movement and fitness is key to the success of the space.

One of the most important decisions you will make for your facility is the fitness flooring you choose.


Fitness flooring impacts the safety of your gym because gym member exercising on the wrong type of flooring are more prone to accidental falling and impact related joint injuries.

Fitness flooring can inspire gym members to become fitter through increased movement.

Fitness flooring just might give your gym the competitive advantage in enticing new gym members and keeping your gym members coming back for more during difficult gym months like winter.

Contact us today for more information on how the Art of Fitness team can assist you to turn your gym into a fitness mecca.

Our team have worked with a multitude of fitness facilities in our over 25 years in the business with the key aim of making each project as profitable as possible. Whether it is the introduction of an entirely new facility to the market or the refurbishment of a current facility, there are a few critical factors that can provide your facility with the tipping point you need to turn a marginally successful fitness facility into a booming success.

We’ve put together 3 of our top tips, supported with some great case studies from the Art of Fitness archives to showcase what you need to be thinking about when it comes to creating a successful fitness facility.


1. Layout and Design

gym cad design plan - How to Design a Fitness Facility That Brings in New Gym Members

A truth a good deal of fitness facility owners don’t think about is that gym members don’t only come to the gym for functional factors such as fitness, they also come to the gym for an experience.

Truly successful fitness facilities understand that along with the functional layout of the gym equipment, members are also looking for that je ne sais quoi, that little bit of something extra that makes them feel like spending their hard earned money on their gym contract is worth it.

Our team worked with the UCC Mardyke Arena on a complete redesign, and new layout for this enormous club that sees over 2000 members attend the club daily.

Some of the stand out features from this project include clever floor design to incorporate a wide range of exercise disciplines and gorgeous flooring that not only provides functional and visual demarcation for the movement of gym members, but also adds a textural design to the space.

Clever lighting changes the whole mood of various areas of the club which, combined with the equipment, furniture and wall and floor treatments brings a certain glamour to Mardyke that sets it a class above the rest.

The results from the redesign and refurbishment increased current gym member interest and an increase in new gym member sign ups.

Key take-outs to consider from the Art of Fitness Mardyke case study include:

To read more about this fabulous project, click here.


2. Equipment

gym cardio equipment - How to Design a Fitness Facility That Brings in New Gym Members

Our team have seen many fitness facilities come and go, but those that stand the test of time are always on the lookout for how to add value to their current gym member base, and one of the easiest ways to do this, without refurbishing your whole facility, is with equipment.

State-of-the-art equipment not only provides gym members with the latest in gym technology but can also drastically improve gym members fitness results as this equipment is designed to auto correct muscle building exercise movement and motivate gym members cardio routines.

We worked with the Mardyke Arena to install new TRUE Fitness cardio machines, free weights, and weight machines.

The results were improved gym member satisfaction and a great deal of excitement about the new equipment.

Our key take-outs for using equipment to fuel gym member retention and increase new gym member sign ups include:


3. Trends

When we first started in this business, fitness facilities dictated fitness trends based on local competition. Now, however, gym members have access to a world-wide collection of new exercise forms, promoted through social media. As a result, fitness facilities are no longer just competing in Ireland, but must contend with online fitness establishments from all over the world. So, when it comes to retaining your gym members and gaining new gym members, being “on trend” has never been more important.

We enjoy an exciting relationship with the luxury UCC Mardyke Arena fitness centre which provides a state-of-the-art fitness centre for over 2000 daily fitness members including university students, graduates, university staff and the public at large.

Our team were excited to introduce a variety of leading fitness trends including equipment that enabled whole-body training and fantastic results.

Critical to the success of the new fitness trends implemented at the Mardyke Arena was the quality of training their staff received to ensure gym member safety and exercise results. We provided a comprehensive training program to the their staff and personal trainers.

Parallel to the equipment installation and staff training, the we ran an extensive marketing campaign to current and potential gym members, introducing them to the new equipment and fitness possibilities available.

The resulting uptick in gym member attendance and new gym member sign ups has made the introduction of Functional Fitness training to the Mardyke facility, a resounding success.

The key take-aways for introducing a new trend into your fitness facility include:

Truly successful fitness facilities are both introspective (examining their own offering to gym members) and externally focused as they keep in touch with the local and global competition, gym member expectations and the next big trend in fitness.

With the Art of Fitness team at your side, we can help you to stay abreast of the ever changing and very exciting world of fitness so that your club remains cutting edge.

For any organisation, attracting and keeping quality staff members is the key to short, and long-term success and with work-life balance being a key factor for attracting and keeping millennial talent, many organisations are looking at how they can create a work environment that reduces stress, engages employees and facilitates the balance employees are after.

According to a very interesting report by Goldmansachs, while Millennials have less expendable cash than other generations, they do spend more on health and wellness than other generations so incorporating a wellness program, including a corporate gym, into your organisation could be the difference between attracting and keeping highly talented employees and average employees.

But how does having a corporate gym as part of your organisation help employees and is it worth the set-up cost?

A study on the top 10 businesses to work for found that businesses with highly engaged staff were 54% less likely to leave the organisation and had 89% better customer satisfaction and a fourfold increase in revenue growth.

We these kinds of statistics at play having a corporate gym to help keep your staff engaged could be very profitable.

As with any wellness program, a crucial element to consider is how your company gym can facilitate health and wellness for your staff. It’s not enough to simply have a token weight room in the basement because staff are as unlikely to use a poorly designed company gym as they are to attend a poorly designed ordinary gym. Making your company gym the place to be not only saves your team travel time between work and the gym, but can be the factor that draws your team in to your business earlier (for the early morning workout gang) and keeps them there a little later (for the evening work out gym folk).

Creating multifunctional workout spaces to appeal to everyone on your team can be a challenge, which is why the art of fitness team have these top 3 tips for creating a corporate gym space that becomes a key workplace feature for your organisation.


Tip 1: Look at Your Competition

The most important thing to remember when designing your corporate gym is that, even though it is more convenient for your staff to exercise at work, if the workout space is uncomfortable, poorly designed and boring, your staff won’t use it.
The first step to having a successful corporate gym is to look at standalone gyms in your area so you can see what you are competing with. Even with this research, designing a gym is not in most people’s job descriptions, so you may still feel overwhelmed. This is where the Art of Fitness team’s expertise come in handy as we have an impressive amount of experience in utilising, even the smallest spaces, to maximum exercise effect.


Tip 2: Think Maximum Stress Relief

A healthy workforce means better organisational longevity, less burnout and a more energised team. When designing your company gym think about equipment and spaces that provide your team with maximum stress relief. Consider including areas and equipment in the gym that provide your team with:

Including these three exercise areas in your company gym you will cater to a wide range of exercise types which will help meet your team’s exercise needs and make your gym compatible with your staff’s requirements.


Tip 3: Reinvention and Flexibility

Truly amazing company gyms can be the centre for unstructured team building and a little company excitement. The fundamental component to keep in mind is reinvention and flexibility.

By having your company gym designed by an organisation like the Art of Fitness, you can have an area in the gym that provides flexibility and the opportunity for reinvention.

We’ve put together 2 ideas to get you thinking a little differently about your company gym space:

By rotating different pieces of gym equipment, you will be able to create new and different opportunities for staff so that there is always something exciting going on at your gym.

The benefits of having a company gym include staff wellness, stress management, staff engagement and staff retention but they also include something a little more subtle, because companies who invest in a great company gym are sending a crystal clear message to their team which is: “We see you; we care about you; and we want to provide a great place for you to care for yourself too.”

Origin Fitness, one of our gym equipment suppliers, have partnered with Gymshark to create the Gymshark Lifting Club. Here's the original article posted by Origin Fitness...


Over the past 12 months, Origin Fitness has worked with Gymshark as their fitness equipment and gym design partner for The Gymshark Lifting Club. Following its reveal at the start of august 2019, we are delighted to take you on a tour through the GSLC gym and delve further into the relationship between Gymshark and Origin Fitness.

origin fitness and gym shark weight lifting area

The Lifting Club is part of GSLC which is a 55,000 sqft development which features a state-of-the-art gym, 100-person auditorium, research and development factory as well as photography and film studios.

Initial discussions began in 2018 between Gymshark's Executive Chairman, Paul Richardson, and the Origin team at which point Gymshark outlined their intention to make the GSLC one of most exciting fitness facilities ever built.

Origin Fitness and Gymshark cardio equipment

From there, Origin Fitness was able to combine their expertise with Gymshark Founder Ben Francis' vision, to create a revolutionary gym design that caters for a huge array of training styles. Within the gym, there is an impressive functional rig space, cardio zone, extensive weightlifting/powerlifting stations, free weights and fixed resistance areas, all finished with two group training studios (one traditional studio and one for mixed martial arts).

Origin Fitness was named official equipment partner for the project and was trusted with providing design support and equipment advice alongside consultant Andy Smith and the rest of the project team.

a close up of gymshark exercising equipment


Creating the Gymshark Lifting Club

This support included customisation of accessories and upholstery to match the Gymshark branding and themes within the space. For a project of this scale, Origin Fitness were able to use their wide network of industry leading suppliers to create an equipment list suitable for this game-changing facility.


an exercise floor with gymshark fitness equipment

As well as providing equipment, Origin Fitness also installed a variety of specialist flooring solutions including our longest indoor sled track to date, which covers the length of the facility at 33 meters and has LED lighting along each side and distinctive Gymshark branding.

a bright white exercise room with mirrors and gymshark's logo

After months of preparation and coordination alongside other contractors, July 2019 saw the three-week installation completed. Shortly the project team had the pleasure of unveiling one of the most exciting fitness spaces ever created to the Gymshark staff. You can find a video tour from Gymshark Founder Ben Francis, plus footage from the launch here.


The End Result

“Being asked to deliver a project of this scale is easily one of my career highlights to date. Our partnerships with brands like Eleiko and Intenza, paired with our track record in creating inspiring fitness spaces with our own product ranges, made us confident we would be able to deliver incredible results for Gymshark.” Harry Russell, Account Manager at Origin Fitness

an exercise room with gymshark free weights

“The finished gym speaks for itself, and we were absolutely delighted to see the reaction of Gymshark employees when they first stepped into this spectacular facility. It is without a doubt the best corporate gym and one of the best gyms in the world."

a set of eleiko gym weights

Paul Richardson, Executive Chairman for Gymshark said: "We were really impressed with the support Origin Fitness were able to offer us. From creating bespoke products to sourcing best-in-class equipment exclusively for this project, Harry and the rest of the Origin Fitness team made sure that we could deliver exactly what we envisioned.”

“The install team worked around the clock to ensure flooring, equipment and accessories were in place and fully functioning in time for the grand opening. We would certainly recommend Origin and look forward to working with them again."

the entrance to gymshark lifting club with a neon lift sign


Beyond the Gymshark Gym

Within the GSLC complex Origin Fitness worked with Gymshark to create the Gymshark App studio. A smaller fitness space designed to act as a flexible creative space to support the development of their recently launched Gymshark Conditioning App. Branding was at the heart of this project again, with the look and feel of their customised equipment being critical.

an exercise room in the gymshark lifting club

The GSLC is located in Blythe Valley Business park, Solihull, only minutes away from the Gymshark Head Quarters. The entire warehouse has been rebuilt to house these new facilities for Gymshark, which continues to be one of the most successful fitness apparel companies on a global scale.

a photo of the origin fitness team outside gymshark lifting club

Art of Fitness team have designed a plethora of fitness centres from gyms that service over 2000 visits a day to private home gyms, corporate gyms, and even specialised athletic performance gyms.

With every installation the cost the gym equipment has to be one of the biggest investments, so ensuring that your gym equipment lasts as long as possible is incredibly important for the financial longevity of your facility.

We have put together our top 5 gym equipment maintenance tips that, if followed, will save you thousands of Euros in gym equipment replacement value and reduce the disruption that broken equipment results in.


Maintenance Tip 1: Flooring

rubber gym flooring tiles in an exercise room

Before you even begin to put equipment into your gym, you need to consider the flooring in each area of the gym. The flooring in your gym plays an enormous role in several aspects that affect gym equipment longevity. These include:

For a great deal more information on gym flooring read our article on gym flooring.


Maintenance Tip 2: Layout

a 3d conceptual drawing of a gym exercise area

How you layout the gym makes an enormous difference to the equipment risk factors. Some essential layout concepts to think through include:

Art of Fitness design team work to ensure that your gym feels spacious and your equipment is protected from knocks and damage with clever equipment layout planning that also improves the member experience.


Maintenance Tip 3: Rules of Engagement

Key to the longevity of your equipment is how your gym members use it. Even the most stable and well laid out gym will not get the most from their investments if gym members abuse the equipment. Art of Fitness team’s top 4 tips for “Rules of Engagement” with your expensive equipment include:

These 4 simple tips will help to educate, communicate, and protect your equipment from abuse, intentional or otherwise.


Maintenance Tip 4: Equipment Cleanliness

a pink pair of running shoes and blue dumbbells on a wooden gym floor

If you take nothing else from this article this tip is the one you should always remember. The gym that keeps machines dust and sweat free will substantially increase equipment longevity.
Equipment cleanliness is not just about germ and disease management, poorly cleaned equipment is more likely to perish, costing a lot of money in equipment refurbishments.
Art of Fitness team recommend that you follow a 3-step process:

Another tip is to use non-caustic cleaning material as high alcohol content in your soaps could also damage the equipment.


Maintenance Tip 5: Air Conditioning

a graphic showing air-conditioning blowing out cool air

One of the biggest causes of equipment rot in your gym is humidity as the excess water in the air can cause rust and or cushioning damage.
Now this is not always an easy thing to control, particularly if you have high volumes of gym members moving through your gym or if you have a swimming pool as part of the gym.
With a few simple tips from Art of Fitness team, you can contain and manage humidity in the gym better:

With clever layout and scheduled cleaning and drying of equipment, along with quality gym member education and communication, you can save millions of Euros in gym equipment maintenance and replacement.

Get in touch with Art of Fitness team for more tips on how to design your gym for maximum longevity.

Whether you are opening a new fitness facility or refurbishing one, starting at ground level, literally, could be the reason for the success or failure of your facility and here is why.
Designing your gyms flooring is part science and part art, which is why we’d encourage you to give the experienced Art of Fitness team a call to discuss your gym flooring needs.
As part of that discussion, there are 3 key elements you need to think about.

These 3 elements affect the way people move in your gym, their safety, the stability and longevity of your equipment and the overall look and feel of your facility. If your gym is a confused, unsafe, unstable, demotivating place, members will leave.

Art of Fitness team have a variety of solutions available to you and provide expert advice, so you get the flooring right the first time. We start with:


1. The Plan

a 3d CAD drawing of a gym floor plan

Whether you are designing a new space or re-imagining a facility already in use, you can immediately improve the safety, functionality and feel-good aspects of your gym with flooring and here is how.

You will probably have a plan in mind of where you would like different training spaces to be. Perhaps you envisioned the free weight section in an already mirrored part of the gym and the treadmills in front of the windows. But your plan might not fit with how people naturally use the space.

There is an interesting theory in the design of public parks, where landscapers provide no brick pathways in newly opened public parks, but instead wait a few months to see where people naturally walk to get from point A to point B. Once they have observed this natural movement, they install brick paths in the park that mimic this natural flow of human movement.
In the same way, whether you are refurbishing a space or have a new gym, take some time to observe how people naturally move around the space as this will help to inform how you zone various areas within the gym.

Another way to make good gym flooring layout decisions is to go to competitor gyms and watch how people use the space. Notice whether they cut between machinery, free weights, or class spaces. Visit the gym in rush hour and notice blockages, confusion, or what happens when people are waiting for their turn on various machines.
Finally, we suggest that you do a little research with current members or people you know that visit other facilities and ask them what the most frustrating thing about being at the gym is. This invaluable information will help you better plan your facility to avoid frustrations by directing people with clever flooring that subtly directs movement.
This kind of planning will help you create multifunctional spaces in the gym using different type of flooring and flooring colours that facilitate the movement of people around the space, reduce confusion and give the illusion of openness.


2. Functionality

rubber gym flooring tiles in an exercise room

The next element to think about when planning your gym flooring is the different functionality you need for unique areas of the gym.
Perhaps you have a free weight section, a gym equipment section, and a fitness class section. You also need to consider water coolers, health monitoring machinery, clothing and supplements sale areas, bathrooms, food and drinks sales areas, offices, and your reception.

Each of these sections requires a distinct type of flooring. There are 3 fundamentals to flooring you need to consider:


3. Design

a 3d conceptual drawing of a gym exercise area

Great gym spaces, whether home gyms, corporate gyms or private gyms, inspire people to move.
They inspire energy.

What most people are unaware of is how the gym flooring contributes to this feeling. Art of Fitness team have put together 2 examples for you to think about.

By using colour and shape you can create a clearly visible floor plan that subtly moves people around the gym and effectively manages crowded spaces.

Strategic planning of your gym flooring along with professional installation of the right materials in the right places, is critical to the successful use of the space, gym equipment longevity, and most importantly, the safety of your customers.

Contact the Art of Fitness team today for expert advice on how to use flooring to boost the success of your fitness facility.

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