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Coreform Luxury Gym Equipment

Luxurious fitness equipment crafted from rare European Walnut and Bog Oak

Coreform promotes the highest quality craftsmanship and traditional ways to work. The process of creation includes hours of labour through endless trials, requiring extraordinary and invaluable skills alongside priceless years of experience. Fortunately, we know all well that the result will be worth every single second of the creative endeavour. Coreform’s products are aimed for those who truly value a refined handmade products.

European walnut is a rare wood obtained locally, practically unattainable on the general market. It has antiseptic properties, making it a perfect quality for a gym environment. Stainless steel hard-wearing properties guarantees the highest quality and much needed resistance, providing product longevity and years of use.
coreform luxury free weights stacked on a rack
coreform luxury free weights stacked on a rack

Coreform fitness equipment is crafted using carefully selected materials to give the most alluring and exclusive look – making it the perfect addition to any luxury home or hotel gym. Using wood guarantees uniqueness to each of their products as every batch of wood reveals a different grain. Coreform are currently one of the only companies that create gym accessories from stainless steel, bronze, and extremely rare woods that include:

  • European Walnut: a locally obtained rare wood that is practically unavailable in the open market.
  • Bog Oak: considered as the most expensive wood in the world, it is created from fallen trees that have lay in bogs, lakes, and riverbeds for centuries and even millennia.

Coreform products are built to perfection and offer the most luxurious gym equipment experience.

COREFORM Coretez dumbbells
COREFORM Coredoba kettle balls
COREFORM Coretone weights
COREFORM Coretez Lux dumbbells on a rack

Ready to Bring Luxury Home

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