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Corporate Gym Design

Improve your employee's productivity, improve lifestyle, and improve health

How can your company save money? Provide an improved working environment? Help your staff become healthier? Help your team be more energetic? Increase productivity?

Now more than ever the health of your employees is critical. People need to be in top health with strong immune systems. Exercise, even small amounts, consistently helps to build the immune system that protects us. We believe movement is medicine and we also are convinced that every company should have a staff gym.
Improve staff retention
Boost productivity
Better job satisfaction
Improve team building
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What Are the Benefits

Benefits of providing your employees with an onsite gym include reduced absenteeism and stress. Regular exercisers are generally healthier than those that do not exercise. This results in fewer sick days and absenteeism. A study by Aviva found that 83% of companies who had added health and fitness benefits saw a decrease in sickness absence as a result.

Studies show that stress relief is one of the top 4 reasons for gym workouts, alongside increasing fitness, weight loss and muscle building. Stress and depression related issues are unfortunately a far too common cause of absence from work.
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Installing a staff gym will have a positive impact on your company’s productivity. Staff will be more motivated, happy, and energetic helping boost productivity and increase staff retention. Art of Fitness can help you get the best return on your investment and ensure your staff makes the best use of your gym facility. 

We know that being overweight and unfit puts people at greater risk of serious illness or death from Covid-19. The fitness industry is uniquely placed to help individuals fight the disease by improving their physical and mental health and boosting their immune system through regular physical activity.

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