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Our team have worked with a multitude of fitness facilities in our over 25 years in the business with the key aim of making each project as profitable as possible. Whether it is the introduction of an entirely new facility to the market or the refurbishment of a current facility, there are a few critical factors that can provide your facility with the tipping point you need to turn a marginally successful fitness facility into a booming success.

Three Top Tips

We’ve put together 3 of our top tips, supported with some great case studies from the Art of Fitness archives to showcase what you need to be thinking about when it comes to creating a successful fitness facility.

1. Layout and Design

A truth a good deal of fitness facility owners don’t think about is that gym members don’t only come to the gym for functional factors such as fitness, they also come to the gym for an experience.

Truly successful fitness facilities understand that along with the functional layout of the gym equipment, members are also looking for that je ne sais quoi, that little bit of something extra that makes them feel like spending their hard earned money on their gym contract is worth it.

Our team worked with the UCC Mardyke Arena on a complete redesign, and new layout for this enormous club that sees over 2000 members attend the club daily.

Some of the stand out features from this project include clever floor design to incorporate a wide range of exercise disciplines and gorgeous flooring that not only provides functional and visual demarcation for the movement of gym members, but also adds a textural design to the space.

Clever lighting changes the whole mood of various areas of the club which, combined with the equipment, furniture and wall and floor treatments brings a certain glamour to Mardyke that sets it a class above the rest.

The results from the redesign and refurbishment increased current gym member interest and an increase in new gym member sign ups.

Key take-outs to consider from the Art of Fitness Mardyke case study include layout, flooring, lighting.

To read more about this fabulous project, click here.
CAD image of a gym floor map
CAD imaged of exercising machines on gym floor

2. Equipment

Our team have seen many fitness facilities come and go, but those that stand the test of time are always on the lookout for how to add value to their current gym member base, and one of the easiest ways to do this, without refurbishing your whole facility, is with equipment.

State-of-the-art equipment not only provides gym members with the latest in gym technology but can also drastically improve gym members fitness results as this equipment is designed to auto correct muscle building exercise movement and motivate gym members cardio routines.

We worked with the Mardyke Arena to install new TRUE Fitness cardio machines, free weights, and weight machines.

The results were improved gym member satisfaction and a great deal of excitement about the new equipment.

Our key take-outs for using equipment to fuel gym member retention and increase new gym member sign ups include using the best possible equipment you can afford and regularly upgrading the equipment in different sections of your fitness facility to continuously create interest for current and new gym members.

3. Trends

When we first started in this business, fitness facilities dictated fitness trends based on local competition. Now, however, gym members have access to a world-wide collection of new exercise forms, promoted through social media. As a result, fitness facilities are no longer just competing in Ireland, but must contend with online fitness establishments from all over the world. So, when it comes to retaining your gym members and gaining new gym members, being “on trend” has never been more important.

We enjoy an exciting relationship with the luxury UCC Mardyke Arena fitness centre where our team were excited to introduce a variety of leading fitness trends including equipment that enabled whole-body training and fantastic results.

Critical to the success of the new fitness trends we implemented was the quality of training their staff received to ensure gym member safety and exercise results. We provided a comprehensive training program to the their staff and personal trainers.

Parallel to the equipment installation and staff training, we ran an extensive marketing campaign to current and potential gym members, introducing them to the new equipment and fitness possibilities available.

The resulting uptick in gym member attendance and new gym member sign ups has made the introduction of Functional Fitness training to the Mardyke facility, a resounding success.

The key take-aways for introducing a new trend into your fitness facility include the right type of equipment, staff training, and marketing to gym members.

Truly successful fitness facilities are both introspective (examining their own offering to gym members) and externally focused as they keep in touch with the local and global competition, gym member expectations and the next big trend in fitness.

With the Art of Fitness team at your side, we can help you to stay abreast of the ever changing and very exciting world of fitness so that your club remains cutting edge.
CAD image of fitness equipment in ladies gym
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