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Gymshark Partners with Origin Fitness to create Gymshark Lifting Club

11th July 2020

Origin Fitness, one of our gym equipment suppliers, have partnered with Gymshark to create the Gymshark Lifting Club. Here's the original article posted by Origin Fitness...


Over the past 12 months, Origin Fitness has worked with Gymshark as their fitness equipment and gym design partner for The Gymshark Lifting Club. Following its reveal at the start of august 2019, we are delighted to take you on a tour through the GSLC gym and delve further into the relationship between Gymshark and Origin Fitness.

origin fitness and gym shark weight lifting area

The Lifting Club is part of GSLC which is a 55,000 sqft development which features a state-of-the-art gym, 100-person auditorium, research and development factory as well as photography and film studios.

Initial discussions began in 2018 between Gymshark's Executive Chairman, Paul Richardson, and the Origin team at which point Gymshark outlined their intention to make the GSLC one of most exciting fitness facilities ever built.

Origin Fitness and Gymshark cardio equipment

From there, Origin Fitness was able to combine their expertise with Gymshark Founder Ben Francis' vision, to create a revolutionary gym design that caters for a huge array of training styles. Within the gym, there is an impressive functional rig space, cardio zone, extensive weightlifting/powerlifting stations, free weights and fixed resistance areas, all finished with two group training studios (one traditional studio and one for mixed martial arts).

Origin Fitness was named official equipment partner for the project and was trusted with providing design support and equipment advice alongside consultant Andy Smith and the rest of the project team.

a close up of gymshark exercising equipment


Creating the Gymshark Lifting Club

This support included customisation of accessories and upholstery to match the Gymshark branding and themes within the space. For a project of this scale, Origin Fitness were able to use their wide network of industry leading suppliers to create an equipment list suitable for this game-changing facility.


an exercise floor with gymshark fitness equipment

As well as providing equipment, Origin Fitness also installed a variety of specialist flooring solutions including our longest indoor sled track to date, which covers the length of the facility at 33 meters and has LED lighting along each side and distinctive Gymshark branding.

a bright white exercise room with mirrors and gymshark's logo

After months of preparation and coordination alongside other contractors, July 2019 saw the three-week installation completed. Shortly the project team had the pleasure of unveiling one of the most exciting fitness spaces ever created to the Gymshark staff. You can find a video tour from Gymshark Founder Ben Francis, plus footage from the launch here.


The End Result

“Being asked to deliver a project of this scale is easily one of my career highlights to date. Our partnerships with brands like Eleiko and Intenza, paired with our track record in creating inspiring fitness spaces with our own product ranges, made us confident we would be able to deliver incredible results for Gymshark.” Harry Russell, Account Manager at Origin Fitness

an exercise room with gymshark free weights

“The finished gym speaks for itself, and we were absolutely delighted to see the reaction of Gymshark employees when they first stepped into this spectacular facility. It is without a doubt the best corporate gym and one of the best gyms in the world."

a set of eleiko gym weights

Paul Richardson, Executive Chairman for Gymshark said: "We were really impressed with the support Origin Fitness were able to offer us. From creating bespoke products to sourcing best-in-class equipment exclusively for this project, Harry and the rest of the Origin Fitness team made sure that we could deliver exactly what we envisioned.”

“The install team worked around the clock to ensure flooring, equipment and accessories were in place and fully functioning in time for the grand opening. We would certainly recommend Origin and look forward to working with them again."

the entrance to gymshark lifting club with a neon lift sign


Beyond the Gymshark Gym

Within the GSLC complex Origin Fitness worked with Gymshark to create the Gymshark App studio. A smaller fitness space designed to act as a flexible creative space to support the development of their recently launched Gymshark Conditioning App. Branding was at the heart of this project again, with the look and feel of their customised equipment being critical.

an exercise room in the gymshark lifting club

The GSLC is located in Blythe Valley Business park, Solihull, only minutes away from the Gymshark Head Quarters. The entire warehouse has been rebuilt to house these new facilities for Gymshark, which continues to be one of the most successful fitness apparel companies on a global scale.

a photo of the origin fitness team outside gymshark lifting club

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