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Origin Studio Dumbbell Rack

470.00 incl. VAT

Origin Studio Dumbbell Rack. Holds 42 pairs of Origin Studio Dumbbells.

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Product Description

The Origin Studio Dumbbell Rack offers users a great storage solution for the Origin Studio Dumbbells. The rack will hold up to 42 pairs of the Origin Studio Dumbbells (specific dumbbell configuration required).

Note: Each weight of the Origin Studio Dumbbell only fits in specific slots - have a look at the images to understand which slots fit which dumbbells.

Note: The 42 Pair Dumbbell Set consists of 3 x 5kg, 3 x 4kg, 8 x 3kg, 10 x 2kg, 10 x 1kg and 8 x 0.5kg dumbbells.

Dimensions: Depth 460 x Width 920 x Height 1145cm

Additional Information

SKU: NTS-TS5025 Categories: ,
460 x 920 x 1145mm (D x W x H)
Mild Steel
Warranty Type:

Commercial Warranty

Origin Fitness
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