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Who Are True Fitness?

For the last 40+ years True Fitness has supplied their equipment to thousands of fitness facilities across the globe. Their premium fitness equipment is made from high-quality, long-lasting materials and include a range of products that cover the needs of all commercial facilities and home gyms. What makes True Fitness special is that their fitness products have been specially designed to maximise the available space and minimise on downtime.
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TRUE Fitness’ superior fleet of commercial cardio machines ensure your fitness facility stays up and running whilst keeping your clients active and engaged. Their cardio machines have unique facility and user features and include a wide selection of bikes, climbers, treadmills, ellipticals, and more.
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TRUE Fitness’ commercial strength equipment have been specially designed to fulfil the needs of every facility – from big to small. Expect convenient, user friendly features with minimal maintenance and less downtime.
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TRUE Fitness’ flexibility equipment will provide your members with a dedicated place to stretch. It comes with easy-to-read placards that show them how to stretch properly to improve flexibility and lessen the risk of injury during their workouts.
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Group Training

TRUE Fitness can enhance your existing group training program with their products and resources. They can help you launch a new and motivating program that is customised to your commercial fitness equipment.
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For more than 30 years, TRUE Fitness has been able to understand the unique needs and requirements of several different types of markets. This enables them to tailor and service their fitness equipment for markets that include:
Health Clubs
Student Recreation
First Responders
Parks and Recreation
Corporate Wellness
Athletic Performance Facilities

Octane Fitness

TRUE FITNESS' recent acquisition of Octane Fitness means they are now part of the only commercial fitness equipment manufacturer in the world dedicated exclusively to zero-impact training. Precise focus and proven performance distinguish Octane Fitness from the rest. You will benefit with innovative and award-winning products, dedicated resources, uncompromised quality, and personalised customer service.

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