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West Wood Aston Quay

We have enjoyed a long-established partnership with the world class West Wood Club Group for over 30 years starting at West Wood Leopardstown all those years ago! We are trusted to guide the group in the right direction for all fitness equipment projects.
treadmills at gym in aston quay
We were awarded the new contract for the complete design/layout and upgrade of all equipment at West Wood Club Aston Quay. This is a spectacular showcase for the very first complete TRUE Fitness USA installation in Ireland. Notable that TRUE Fitness is the preferred choice for Ireland’s longest established fitness group, West Wood Group. The package includes the highest specification equipment available and the very latest in technology literally only launched on the world’s fitness market.
cardio gym equipment on westwood gym floor
Our team went through each detail of this project and executed the strategy with precise planning. It included over 60 TRUE Fitness Cardio Machines with unique and exceptionally striking brushed aluminium shroud finish - that will last a lifetime. Integrated screens include TV, virtual reality trails, virtual workouts, and full internet browsers. Members are intrigued, delighted, and enjoying their workouts more than ever.

Also included is a complete and full comprehensive package of plate loaded machines, probably, biomechanically, the best strength machines in the world. Upstairs you will discover a bespoke functional training room complete with rig frame. Other West Wood concepts worth noting are: Cardio Wall, Fitness by light, and Immersive Spinning.
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