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Booty Builder®

The original hip thrust machine used in thousands of gyms

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What is Booty Builder®?

Booty Builder® is the original hip thrust machine that has been used in thousands of gyms in more than 180 countries across the globe. It is the preferred hip thrust machine used by professionals, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts because it provides the perfect booty workout that strengthens your booty and glutes.
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The PErfect Booty Workout

There are many ways to have a perfect booty workout, and Booty Builder® is no exception. If your goal is to build strength, then Booty Builder® is for you. Both the machine and the bands enable you to strengthen your booty, glutes, and legs through various routines such as hip thrusting, glute bridges, fire hydrants, rainbows leg lifts, squats, lunges, donkey kicks, and more.
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a woman using a booty builder machine and bands in the gym

Effective, Safer, & Faster

Booty Builder® makes your hip thrusting routine faster, safer, and much more effective! Its patented raised feet design ensures you are in the ultimate position to isolate and exercise your glutes. It has a wide range of users from gym members and professional sporting teams to medical facilities and home users.
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Booty Builder® 7.0

The original hip thrusting machine. which makes hip-thrusting exercises and training safer, faster, and better.
Booty Builder PLATINUM side view

Booty Builder® Platinum

An innovative plate loaded machine, which makes hip-thrusting safe, easy, and fun – all with a minimal footprint.
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