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Origin Power Rack Integrated Platform

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The integrated platform is the perfect accompaniment to create the perfect lifting space within your gym.

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Product Description

Integrated weight lifting platforms provide gym goers safe and appropriate environments to carry out high weight and high impact exercises. Such exercises include Olympic lifts, deadlifts, squats, and powerlifting exercises.

The slick lacquered solid oak platform insert ensures users have enough grip underfoot whilst maintaining that desired degree of foot slide. The platform is integrated into the Origin Power Rack which provides a dedicated space to perform required lifts outside of the rack.

The Insert

The insert is a two-layer construction: a 40mm baseboard with a 20mm triple coat lacquer solid oak top. The wooden insert measures 2675mm in length and 1000mm in width.

Drop Zones

The drop zone is also a two-layer construction: a 30mm baseboards topped by high density 30mm rubber tiles. The baseboards ensure a reduction in bounce height of dropped weights whilst the rubber tiles provide the sound vibration and impact absorption.


The platform is encased by a solid and durable steel frame. The 3mm steel gauge assists in keeping the components of the rack as one unit. The rounded cross section and corner plates protect against any sharp edges of the platform.

Impact Absorption

Dropping heavy barbells onto unsuitable flooring is a recipe for disaster. This is the reason weightlifting platforms are such a wise investment. These platforms will absorb the impact of dropped weights which in turn not only protects the surrounding environment but also the dropped equipment. Generally platforms will reduce the impact of dropped weight by 30-60%.

Sound Reduction

Dropping heavy weights can by noisy business. Our platforms will absorb and dissipate noise and vibration through the high impact rubber tiles. This can be especially useful if weightlifting zones are located on the 1st floor or near to other gym areas such as cardio or functional zones.

Additional Information

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Commercial Warranty

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Origin products are covered by a 12-month limited manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing defects unless stated otherwise. This warranty does not include wear and tear.

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